The American Legion Riders Chapter 31
A Unit of the American Legion Post 31 Family
Safety Guidelines
It is the mission of the American Legion Riders to promote safe, legal and purposeful motorcycling...
...and to have fun while doing so.
American Legion Riders Chapter 31 is dedicated to the safety of its members, its guests, and the general public.  Below are links to several resources that address that issue.

The Chapter 31 approved
Riders Safety Guidelines will provide an overview of the conduct, behavior, and riding techniques encouraged and expected of all ALR Ch 31 riders when engaged in any chapter-sanctioned event.  Members should familiaize themselves with this document and ride accordingly.  Nothing in this document should be construed as having the weight of law nor should it rule out safe and common sense responses to riding conditions that are not addressed in the document.

California Highway Patrol Guidleines for Lane Splitting is provided as a courtesy, to inform all riders of the current status of the CHP's view on lane-splitting or lane-sharing.  ALR Chapter 31 is not endorsing or encouraging riders to employ this techinque, but feels that riders should know the rights and restrictions associated with it so as to make an informed riding decision should the situation arise.

ALR Chapter 31 encourages its members to consider enrolling in
CALSTAR Shock Trauma Air Rescue in the event of a serious incident involving major injury.  Considering the actual costs of such a service  -and the fact that many insurance policies only cover a portion of such costs - CALSTAR is a bargain, if ever needed.  ALR members should inquire of their Run Coordinator about group rates under the ALR group membership.